Aduro Anti-Ageing LED Face Mask, Light Therapy, Anti-Wrinkle Facial

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$1.00 - $259.00 / Pieces | 1 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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Acne Treatment, Pigment Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover
Colour changeable RGB LEDs
AntI-aging, anti-acne and more.
1 year
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
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It is possible to customise the box with your own logo.
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7-15 days



We at Aduro took the idea of a traditional mask and gave it a facelift! We have reinvented the traditional concept of a facial mask and modernised it with up-to-date light therapy technology, making and creating it into something special.


Product Description



Aduro is specialised in the production of LED beauty related products. We use gentle, safe and effective light therapy which gets to work to stimulate the bodies natural rejuvenating processes, to combat skin imperfections such as signs of ageing to acne breakouts – giving you a skincare treatment experience like never before!



Everyone starts to show signs of facial volume loss in their mid-to-late thirties. You may notice prominent smile lines, hollows under the eyes and sunken temples. While some anti-aging products take weeks to produce results, light therapy has immediate wrinkle relaxing and lifting effects. 

The Aduro Single Red offers targeted light to combat signs of ageing. The light penetrates deep within the skin and boosts cellular activity, prompting fibroblast activity and increased collagen production that help ward off the signs of ageing. 



Product Uses

Ageing is something everyone tries to hide as long as possible. We are all well aware that ageing is part of life. It is unstoppable as the time passes.

As we get older we lose the amount of Collagen and Hyaluronic acid within the skin. The loss of these components in the skin makes the skin susceptible to damage and wrinkling. There are all kind different factors that accelerate this process, such as bad nutrition, stress, smoking, drugs and pollution for example.



This is where the Aduro red light therapy becomes important. The skin has a wonderful ability to absorb light energy. The skin utilises light energy to kick-start the cells into producing more cellular fuel (ATP) that boosts their performance.

The Aduro Single Red mask is proven clinically and offers a therapeutic light treatment that is safe, non-invasive and chemical-free. Red light therapy has been shown to be widely effective in reducing wrinkles, soothing the skin and firming aged and tired skin.

Red light therapy is medically recognised and clinically proven. Aduro Single Red is for skin rejuvenation and will not darken or tan the skin.


Red LED light therapy produces remarkable responses within the body. LED light therapy is unique in its ability to help the body’s own natural healing. Due to the exposure to LED therapy, the charged cells use this energy to prompt skin fibroblasts to produce increased collagen, elastin proteins and stimulate the body’s rejuvenating processes.

By restoring the Collagen and Hyaluronic acid within the skin, the body is able to restore hydration, strength and reduce signs of ageing.


The rejuvenating red light penetrates deep into the skin, boosting collagen production and elastic fibre activity, which help remove fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen is a protein found in connective tissues throughout your body, collagen is a major component of your skin. As you age, your skin’s inner layer loses collagen and—as a result—becomes less supple and firm, more vulnerable to damage and wrinkling.

Red light therapy is a safe and natural treatment, which has a vast range of benefits to the skin. Benefits include the improvement of skin tone, reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. The red light therapy results imply that aged skin is firmed, rejuvenated and more even. For a younger look.


A treatment consists of 20 minutes, starting from the moment the light turn on. After 20 minutes, the light automatically turns off. This indicates the end of your treatment. We recommend treating your skin 3 times a week, spread over the week (for example; Nonday, Wednesday and Saturday) 


Product Overviews

The Aduro LED light therapy is unique not only in its application but also in its build quality. With a number of special features including the following: 


Our Services



We are proud to offer our extensive customisation services on our Aduro masks, which can include complete colour changes, custom graphics and branding, shape changes, wavelength changes and more.


Customising the Aduro facial masks couldn't be easier, with a wide selection of customisation options ranging from custom graphics and logo, colouring, wavelengths and more. 


If you're looking to customise our masks, please let us know as we have a vast experience with producing LED masks for anti-aging, anti-acne and fully customisable with our 7+1 treatment options for treating skin imperfections. 


Packaging & Shipping



The Aduro LED facial mask comes as a package, which includes outer sleeve packaging which wraps an inner card box with blister insert which houses the Aduro LED facial mask.





How does the Aduro 7+1 mask really work?

The Aduro mask uses phototherapy, or more commonly called light therapy with anti-bacterial and skin rejuvenating properties. The Aduro 7+1 uses specific 8 wavelengths of light to treat a multitude of skin imperfections, including signs of aging, acne and more. Light therapy is safe, clinically proven and world renowned for its anti-bacterial properties.


When can I aspect to see results?

Most users can experience noticeable results within as little as 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the skin problem. Once results have been reached, you should still continue to use the Aduro mask to maintain results. Though Aduro does achieve great results, it is not magic – so should always be implemented in your daily skincare routine for best results.


Do you have to plug the Aduro mask in to a USB port, or does it also come with a power adaptor so you can plug it into the outlet?

The Aduro 7+1 is easy to use and power, with its built in battery controller, with cycle modes for quick and easy treatment options. The controller has a light up display to indicate treatments, while also having a battery indicator for battery life. Once low, simply charge with the provided micro-USB adaptor until fully charged.


Can I wash the Aduro mask?

Washing is a must to maintain good hygiene, that’s why we made the Aduro mask within a silicone skin, which is easy to clean and is splash water resistant. When cleaning the Aduro mask, cleansers such as wet wipes and makeup removers are ideal. Avoid using harsh bleaches and chemicals, as they might cause damage to the mask.



Company Information



One of the largest producers of LLLT and LED therapy products in the world, which we think is a great achievement as our company was established in just 2005.


To this day we're continuing to grow, innovate and produce uncompromising quality products - while keeping our humble beginnings and family business mindset close to heart. 


We have partners all over the world and has a team of over 100 in-house employees, which allows us to offer services to our partners such as in-house designing, prototyping, electronic drawing and assembly, moulding and tooling all the way to mass production.


Kaiyan Medical is not your average Chinese manufacturer, as we are European managed, flexible, trustworthy and keen supporters in adding value to our partners business.






We pride ourself on the ability to realise and produce in-house, with a number of services which are valuable to our partners, such as:


Design and development -

Consists of 3D and 2D designing departments, coupled with a strong engineering and R&D department. 


Tooling -

Consisting of a full in-house tooling and moulding facility, with precision engineering department.


Metalworking -

Consists of a metalworking facility that includes cutting, CNC, milling, grinding, polishing, lapping and annealing.


Assembly -

Dedicated production and assembly lines, overseen by experienced managers.


Quality control -

As a medical licensed and FDA registered facility, we abide by strict quality control practices and logging.


Patent and IP handling -

We are able to provide and secure our partner's intellectual property and patent rights in China, ensuring ideas and property are protected, through our onboard legal team.





We're located in Shenzhen, China - regarded as one the electronics centre of the world and home to Kaiyan Medical. 


We're located just a 10-minute drive from the airport, so come and visit. 



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